AND we are back! Super NANNY review! YOGA yoga yoga~


HEY there Modern Minders (Moms, Dads, and nannies of course)

Hot review alert!  MMCCS had the opportunity to spend time in Bali with this RAD LADY.  Kerry was exactly what the doctor ordered when MMCCS was in Bali this past May. 

You know me, I love love love to try new things and of course anything that gives me relaxation and a better understanding of oneself. 

This was IT!  PERIOD.  As most of you know I am really devoted to self care.  I live by the motto "I love what I do and so should you".   However sometimes this is really difficult to practice.  I wanted to share with you something I have fallen for.  Hook line and sinker YOGA.  Silly thought I know but I drank the koolaid and I am so glad I did.

Kerry is offering another opportunity in September.  Kerry is based in Santa Monica California  (HOLLER LA Homies)  and is a 500 hour ERYT Certified Baptiste teacher dedicated to empowering others to reach for their highest potential through the teachings of yoga.  She is deeply devoted to yoga, meditation and self-inquiry.  Which is SO up my alley!  Kerry is also the co-creator of hitPLAYyoga, which is an online yoga library of streaming audio classes led by a team of powerful yoga instructors. HPY is determined to elevate the planet through the teachings of yoga.

My Bali experience was nothing short of amazing.  MMCCS was in Bali visiting friends and staying at Soulshine Bali which was a dream of ours as we LOVE Micheal Franti, however, what stole the show was this experience of letting go and complete relaxation.  We serendipitous crashed this yoga retreat with no expectations..... little did I know  the friends I met while in Bali would have touched my heart and soul so much that  I really wanted to have the platform to share this with you you guys and share my experience. 

If you are looking for something a little different or your vacation and if you are a mom that needs a little break from the normal.  This is the way to go. 

If you are interested in learning more please check out kerryarmstrongyogi
 for pricing and just everything Kerry Armstrong. 



PS.  Here a few pictures of BALI-  SWOON