Newborn Care.

Modern Minders works with a number of highly qualified, hand selected, exceptional Newborn Care Specialists from around the country.  They have extensive knowledge and training in handling the sometimes challenging task of caring for a brand new baby.

A Newborn Care Specialist will help you with:

  • Preparation and cleaning of bottles and feeding your infant

  • Bathing and changing

  • Development of your infant’s sleep schedule and ensuring he or she is getting proper rest

  • Taking care of your infant overnight so that you can sleep

  • Helping you come up with a routine and schedule for things like playtime, socializing, napping and more

  • Running baby-related errands for you

  • Aid is setting up your nursery

  • Breastfeeding and Lactation support

In short, an NCS will ease much of this worry of caring for a newborn.  They are hired during the first few months post birth and stay with the family up until 6 months.  Whether your family is new to the kids game or seasoned veterans, having peace of mind and an extra set of hands can be crucial and make all the difference in the world.  

$500 registration fee to start the process of finding the very best for your family. Our full fee structure is discussed during our complimentary family intake session.